Domande frequenti su ScriptCase (FAQ)

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What is ScriptCase?

ScriptCase is a powerful RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool which generate PHP Applications based in a database table.

What are the applications’ type created by Scriptcase?

Queries, filters, graphics, PDF reports, forms, navigation menus, data export to XLS, DOC, XML and CSV.

In which language are the applications generated ?

The application's source code is PHP/ JavaScript / Html

What are the supported databases?

Oracle, MS-SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Informix, ProstGreSQL, Access, Interbase, Firebird and others ODBC or OLEDB patterns.

Which operating systems can the generated programs run?

Linux, Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP/VISTA/7, 8, IBM I5, Mac OS and any other OS with a PHP-enabled web server.

In which language was ScriptCase developed?

PHP and JavaScript, so the development environment is a web application acessible from any web-browser

What are the requirements to run ScriptCase?

A web server (Apache, IIS, Sambar, Abyss, PWS, Xitami, etc) enabled to run PHP Scripts and Zend Guard Loader.

How do I learn about Scriptcase?

We have in our site an extensive documentation: manuals, Forum, video lessons, tutorials and a basic course for free.

How can I access the development area?

Directly through a web browser (IE, Mozilla, Opera, etc) accessing the Web server where ScriptCase has been installed.

Can I access the development area through the internet?

Yes, if the Web server where ScriptCase is installed is accessible externally.

How does the developers’ security control work?

There is a management session where the developers can be registered, be associated to work groups and security politics are defined.

Can the applications generated by ScriptCase be published / deployed / exported to another WEB-Server, independent from ScriptCase?

Yes, the generated php source code is completely independent from ScriptCase, all you need is a PHP-enabled WEB server.

Can I create links between generated applications?

Yes, you can create single applications and then connect them.

How can I maintain the created applications? Do I need to edit the source code directly?

No, all changes can be made using ScriptCase with no editing directly the .php files

Is it possible to create a whole system with ScriptCase?

Yes, from the logon screen, to advanced reports, data input forms, business logic coding, all you need to write a complex application, you can do it using ScriptCase

Can I call Delphi, VB, .NET or JAVA programs from ScriptCase

Yes, from PHP we can instantiate COM objects (Component Object Model) , JAVA and others external programs

Should I pay additional costs to deploy applications? Must I install Zend to run them?

No, the deployed applications are free and open-source. You can deploy them in several servers without additional costs. The Zend is not necessary to deploy applications.

Is it possible to bulk-edit applications? For example, I need to change the CSS schema of all my project´s applications.

Yes, you can change the CSS schema and many other attributes by using the Toolbar menu-Express Edition.

How can I backup my ScriptCase projects and restore it in another machine?

You can backup your environment using the backup function located in the main menu: Options - Settings. It is possible to create partial or total backups. To restore .zip backup files there is a Restore function at the same menu.

How can I prevent unauthorized access to my applications and how can I create a login form.

To prevent unauthorized access edit any app. and find the Security menu, check the option 'Use Security' you can also do it in bulk see the menu Tools.

How can I create a specific data validation in a form application?

It is possible to add custom PHP code to validate the form events like: before insert, after update, etc. Just access the Events menu, on form apps. It is also possible to validate field events like, change, blur, etc. see the menu Ajax Events

How the upgrade works?

When purchasing a license it comes with 12 months of upgrade included, all updates and new versions released by Scriptcase during this period can be installed for free

How much does it cost to renew the upgrade AFTER the expiration?

60% of a new license total value.

How much does it cost to renew the upgrade BEFORE the expiration?

40% of a new license total value.

What are the payment methods?

Credit Card, Pay Pal and SWREG (wire transfer)

Is there any demo of ScriptCase?

Yes, You can download a trial version with full functionality available to test for 20 days.

Is there any technical support during the 20 days trial period?

Yes, free access to technical support during the trial period.

What is the technical support available?

Technical Support by tickets (email).

Does the license expire?

No, the license you purchased won’t expire. the license will be your forever.

Can I use the same license for more than one machine/server?

No, each license can only be installed on only one machine/server.

How do I do if I need to change the format or the operating system?

Just login in into you user’s place “My Scriptcase” and request a new installation. The old license will be automatically cancelled and a new license will be available for the new installation.

To whom belongs the right about applications or systems developed in scriptcase?

All applications or systems developed with Scriptcase are owned by the license’s purchaser.

Can I migrate my license to a more complete one?

Yes, by paying the difference between the two licenses through the web store page of the site, or by contacting our sales department.

Does the Scriptcase allow more than one developer working at the same time?

Yes, just for one license type: Enterprise edition license. It supports simultaneous developers when buying more than one seat.

How do I register license/serial key?

Inside your Scriptcase click Options / Settings / Licenses / On-Line Registration / Enter the serial number and confirm.

How to access my scriptcase user’s area?

Through the site you will find “My Scriptcase” there you have all the account information (personal data, serial, etc).

Can I transfer my license or change the name of the owner?

No, the Scriptcase’s license is ‘non-transferable’.